Best Backpacks for HikingSelecting the right hiking backpack is vital in making sure that one gets to have a good hiking experience. Many people do not pay attention to the backpack that they select when hiking, which ends up ruining the entire trip. Although it is tempting to purchase a backpack based on price alone, it is always best to make sure that one avoids such temptations. You have to consider factors such as;

How Many Backpacks Do You Need

Depending on the kind of hiking activities that you have planned, a single hiking backpack may not be enough. You may need to prepare a minimum of two backpacks. One is used to be used for the day trips, while the second backpack one is primarily for multi-day hiking trips.

If you are new to hiking, you may want to start off with a single hiking backpack. The backpack should be midsized so as to ensure that it can fit all the supplies you need for an overnight hiking trip, and which you can comfortably carry over long distances.

Choosing the Right Backpack Size

Right Backpack SizeSize is a very crucial consideration it comes to buying a waterproof backpack. The length of your hiking trip will obviously determine the size that you settle on for the backpack.

When it comes to day trips, you need to choose a small backpack. Larger backpacks are ideal when one is planning an overnight hiking trip, or a hiking trip that is expected to take more than two days.

For many people, it is very tempting to purchase a smaller back pack and then increase accessories later on which end up being a big mistake as it negatively affects the load distribution.

Consider the Load Distribution

Distributing the weight of the load is as important as selecting the right size. The greater the weight of the load, the higher the need for the selected backpack to have features that helps in balancing and distributing the load.

So as to help in load distribution, the backpack needs to have a shoulder harness, pockets, a hip belt, and a hiking backpack frame.

Hydration Systems

Many modern day hiking backpacks feature a hydration system. For instance, some have inbuilt bladders that you can fill with water so as to provide the needed hydration.

In some, you will find a provisional water bladder, accompanied by a slot where you can place a drinking straw for use in drinking the water in the provisional water bottle. You must, therefore, ensure that the hiking backpack at minimum contains a provisional water bottle system that is easily accessible for hydration purposes.