Army BackpackIf looking for a good backpack, you should definitely consider adding an army backpack to your collection. Army backpacks can be used in a number of ways which makes them very important tools. Unlike the commercially available school bags, army backpacks are strong, have a lot of storage capacity and also come with additional features that make them ideal for hiking.

What to Look For When Buying an Army Backpack

Even though it seems as though the appearance does not matter, it is actually very important. A great camouflage pattern on your army backpack can make a lot of difference when hunting, hiking, or when playing war games such as paint ball.

Before you buy any army backpack, first take a look at the pattern so as to confirm that the camouflage is real. Common camouflage patters include Multicam, Marpat, Pencott and Kryptek.

Carrying Capacity

Army Camouflage BackpackRegardless of the kind of activity that you have planned ahead of you, it is important to properly pack the army backpack. Most backpacks come with internal compartments that make it possible for you to split up your things.

Always confirm that the bag has the capacity to hold everything you want to carry prior to purchase. If buying it for a specific use, then make sure that you properly plan how it will be used. It is always best to be left with extra space, than to run out of space especially when planning a hike trip.


The material used in making the army backpack needs to be strong, but light. Weight is an important issue to consider given that you will be carrying the bag for extended time periods. You therefore need the backpack to be light, without compromising on other important features such as strength and waterproofing.

The army backpack can carry a lot of gear, and the gear in question is in no way guaranteed to be light. Ensure the material used to make the backpack is light, but durable. You should also be able to carry the weight of the pack, as well as your personal load with ease.


Army Backpack ComparisonWhen shopping for an army backpack, the very first thing you need to do is ensure that you settle on a budget. When the budget is set, it will now be easier for you to make a decision as you will have a very short list to compare.

Consider the features you want to have in the backpack. Proceed to narrow the list so that you only remain with backpacks that have the core features that interest you.